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  1. Had forgot NDM was representing Derby in their case too. Seems he isn’t bulletproof after all.
  2. Sky got their work cut out finding something to hype up on the final day at this rate. Race for the Europa Conference League spot?
  3. Soyuncu must have found inspiration after sharing a pitch with his idol, Paul Dummet.
  4. Can’t even begin to imagine the fume on Liverpool if they roll over for these tonight and then beat them Thursday to keep them out the top 4.
  5. Club just announced it. Signing a striker has to be a priority in the summer. He's great, but you can't rely on him over the course of a season.
  6. People have short memories like, we 100% looked like relegation fodder at points, which was at the exact time Fulham had a little spell of putting together some results. We were absolutely rank on that run from going out the cup to Brentford in the cup, up until the Everton game. Even then, that game felt like it should have been the turning point, but I’m sure Fulham were back within a couple points not long after. All that’s without even getting to the Brighton debacle. We’ve always been too good when we’re at full strength, even with the cabbage in the dugout, but between ASM’s mysteri
  7. Got a code to order a PS5 from Curry’s. No idea how it works, but free to a good home if someone wants it. Edit: gone!
  8. Choc Brownie Hobnobs, potentially the best tea dunking biscuits ever.
  9. When & why did coaches start using the boards?
  10. Thought throughout you could reasonably make an argument he was at least level, but equally he wasn’t doing anywhere near enough to sway the Texas judges. Shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, wasn’t even going to walk away with a decision unless he dominated. Even then it’s a toss up.
  11. His eye was sealed shut tbf, looked like it might’ve been the doctor.
  12. These commentators are clueless. Couldn’t even grasp the scorecards earlier. Pretty enjoyable seeing Canelo showboating while breaking him down.
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