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  1. update in this, countries have been updating uefa on what crowds will be allowed in for this and Dublin will probably lose the games here because we can't make any promises on a minimum 25% capactiy UEFA want Rob Harris on Twitter: "Breaking from Football Association of Ireland says they have "today notified UEFA that owing to the COVID-19 pandemic it is not in a position at this point to provide assurances on minimum spectator levels at the UEFA EURO 2020 matches due to be held in Dublin in June"" / Twitter The fact this insanity is still going ahead across the continent when it is
  2. tbh I'm not entirely against the idea of dragging Robbie out of retirement to play just for Ireland, can't do any worse than the current lot
  3. Trap and MON were right we're nowhere near good enough to be trying to play football
  4. they're remastering Rome Total War Total War: ROME REMASTERED Announce Trailer - Take Back Your Empire - YouTube
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    Eh Irelands kinda hit a wall in cases dropping the last week or two maybe even starting to rise again despite the fact we've been in lockdown for most of the last 6 months
  6. decent watch too, plot moves at a fairly rapid pace
  7. Also supposedly had an attitude problem, which is nonsense because he seems to have the best attitude of any player we've had for some time. Honestly, I find it quite amazing that he had that reputation. It makes no sense based on what we've seen from him so far. Quite extraordinary. the closest thing to this supposed attitude problem he allegedly has was a report in the press he had a falling out with Bruce before lockdown but not seen any evidence that was remotely true since
  8. so I just watched Evangelion, thought it was reasonably good until it abandoned the plot for whatever the fuck the last two episodes were. And no end of evangelion doesn't help it just adds to the confusion and makes me hate Shinji even more.
  9. caught up on MHA pretty good but second half dipped in quality though still fun to watch
  10. costs I assume and the animation studios are handling a crap ton of animes etc in a short amount of time
  11. jdckelly

    (Northern) Ireland

    eh to be fair even being born down here I struggle to understand many things about politics the main thing being the existence and continued success of the Healy-Raes
  12. jdckelly

    (Northern) Ireland

    Had to google RIC after it being mentioned again. Good f***ing grief, what on earth possessed them to suggest such a thing? They're upper class West Brits. They are not even that bad at running the country but they are utterly awful at gauging the mood of the people not even sure thats FG in general or just Varadkars leadership in particular since they seemed to have gotten a lot more tone deaf since Kenny left
  13. jdckelly

    (Northern) Ireland

    eh right before the election was called there was a political own goal where Varadkar and co wanted to commemerate the RIC as part of the centenary commemorations and that went down like a lead balloon and eventually backtracked on. But the bigger factor was them being in government for 9 years and public services being a disaster in particular housing and the health service and SF seemed to catch lightning in a bottle this time by just saying we're not FF or FG. Doubt it will repeat itself if SF go into government but if theres another election this year they will be the largest party in the
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