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  1. Dont forget to rinse the beans pleaseđź‘Ť
  2. So a toast sandwich is two pieces of normal bread surrounding a piece of toasted bread?
  3. Haven't smoked in more than three weeks and drank in over two weeks, so despite a very stressful period at work I haven't been feeling quite so anxious over the past couple of weeks. Hopefully can keep this going
  4. Hope he plays wide right man
  5. That's what happens when you're in europe I'm afraid, it's the lack of recovery time and time on the training pitch to blame
  6. Probably be ruled out for an offside eyebrow these days
  7. Please stay at our cluub, please stay at ourr cluu-uub, we love you mike Ashley, please stay at our club
  8. Boro getting brought back down to earth with a bump here, after a decent recent run of results
  9. He'll be thinking thank fuck I used the overdraft to pay for him
  10. Big mike there to see if he needs to get the clubs chequebook out to strengthen, wont need to bother after this display
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