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  1. Geremi Duff Amdy Faye Joelinton Steve Carr Berecca (all four minutes)
  2. The friends are about as positive as this place https://www.friendsoffulham.com/forum/index.php?topic=80963.0
  3. Could do with Arsenal going through so they have a European semi either side of the game at SJP
  4. That’s a heck of an improvement in a short space of time fella - nice one.
  5. It’s never too late to get in to running, that’s one of the beauties of it. I tend to run 30-40 miles per week but hoping to slowly up it to over 60 miles per week to aim to hit my first sub 3 marathon. Working from home for the past year has been tough on the mental health but it’s also been great for a quick lunchtime run!
  6. Same team as Spurs because “no one deserves to be dropped”. No thought about how we’re playing an opposition with a completely different style. 1-0 down early doors. Burnley to then miss a hatful of chances. We’ll bring on ASM and Wilson and look slightly less shit but concede a second in the last 10 mins. 2-0 defeat. Fulham to draw 1-1 with Wolves and bacon survives another week.
  7. Remind me to never trust anything off the top of your head.
  8. We’ll get nowt there but we could really do with Arsenal beating Prague so they have a two legged European semi final either side of their game at SJP.
  9. Bring back the UEFA Cup as a straight knockout competition Allocate 2 of our CL places to the winners of the cups. Allow quick free kicks Go back to having the linesman raise his flag straight away for an offside. None of this waiting bollocks
  10. Sack Bruce Appoint Rafa Give Rafa absolute control of all resources available at your disposal. Trust him 100%. Beg Keegan to take an ambassadorial role at the club. Employ Hatem to run the academy. Commission an independent review of the Gallowgate puddle. Sit back, enjoy a cigar and watch the good times roll.
  11. Looks good but I can’t unsee the fact it looks like it has a big “A” in the middle.
  12. Not sure he’s earned a new deal. Not even good enough to make Garth Crooks’ team of the week this week.
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