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  1. Just finished the 2027/28 season and don't think I've ever seen Norwich up there in any save I've done previously. Obv one of them is me, but it's nice to see some random teams finish in the top 4.
  2. It's not about opinions, it's about stats. Mitro's are shocking in the PL. What are you basing this on? There must be something obvious that I'm missing for you to be so absolutely sure. Who do you manage by the way, given that you know more about football than Champions League winner Rafa Benitez I'm assuming you're doing quite well for yourself.
  3. Nah, but they've both recently used the term 'cartel' to describe those in power at the PL.
  4. Can't believe people are still spouting this shite. He's about to spend his 4th season at Championship level. Gayle scored the goals that won us the Championship, Mitro looked incredibly sluggish every time he played for us in the Championship and it was no surprise at the time when he was consistently benched. Jesus, even Daryl Murphy was way ahead of him that year. Unless you're Ronaldo / Neymar levels you do not deserve to be able to sulk about just because it's not all about you.
  5. So are our actions still aimed at proving the PL to have acted disingenuous throughout the process? It would make sense. Hit the reset button with the recent developments at the front of everyone's mind. Would the PL have the stones to let this rumble on another 6 months?
  6. What is it with this place at the moment
  7. Just a WUM, ignore.
  8. Just started my second play through of Wasteland 3. Completed it around2 weeks post release, and always wanted to go back to once it was ironed out a bit. This game alone makes the game pass good value.
  9. A link to the Discord would be a good start. Sure we could craic on with Valheim when it's released proper or something similar. Risk of Rain 2, Golf It!, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Duck Game, Move or Die, Speedrunners - all shouts for something quick and easy.
  10. We're absolutely pathetic like. Any other team in the league has a go at Arsenal and gives them a decent game. We sit back and give them far too much respect.
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