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  1. Long before he was PM, I’m sure he announced that one of his daughters is a Newcastle fan. I wonder how much of a fan she is and if she put any pressure on him to approve the takeover.
  2. The Blatter thing didn’t change FIFA though. The ones found guilty of it have been ousted but a lot of the old guard remains and there is question marks over their replacements.
  3. They will have the movie released by the end of the year, then next year the sequel will be out ‘The buyback’.
  4. If it is then it means something is happening in the background. Also mint for the press and government as they can tell the public to look at this, whilst doing something dodgy as people aren’t paying attention.
  5. No idea, could legit just be some Scottish bloke going in for a windup opportunity.
  6. Maybe under a non-disclosure agreement until the Puma deal expires. I know when we left Adidas, neither Puma nor the club said anything until the deal was over, despite it being widely reported everywhere.
  7. There was a woman come into my shop today and got chatting to the lad behind the counter about the club selling the club shop. The guy behind her pipes up (in a broad Scottish accent) saying that’s why he’s here. He works for Castore and they have bought the shop from NUFC in a deal the exact same as with Rangers. He says it has nothing to with the takeover, at least from their side, although he could not rule out Ashley doing this type of deal in order to prepare for the club being sold. He went on to say that everything sold in the store will be Castore stock and the store will be ran by the
  8. Seville’s stadium sounds like it’s filled with bats.
  9. I don’t think we need to be more focussed on them. We need to just concentrate on doing it ourselves. I think 4-6 points will be enough. WBA are 8 points behind us, possibly more realistically 9 points considering the goal difference. 4 points would mean they would likely need 13 points to overtake us.
  10. Southampton and Arsenal always fuck go against our relegation rivals when we need them to do us a favour. Take away a few games a season and Southampton are very average.
  11. VAR room seemed to not be able to determine which part of either body they should draw the line at, give and and give the on field decision.
  12. Fulham are playing teams who have something to play for. Arsenal will wants to try and finish above Spurs, I believe they are only 4 points behind them and could still qualify for Europe via the league. Chelsea are in the Champions League top 4 battle and can’t afford to slip up, none the least because their game with Fulham is also a derby. Burnley could be dragged into a relegation battle if they lose to Fulham, and that game could be where they are confirmed or pretty much confirmed as being safe. Southampton are probably the team left who have little to aim for. At best
  13. Stifler

    Jacob Murphy

    He was bad today, goal aside, but he was being asked to do a job that he quite honestly has no business doing. I have no idea why he’s playing RB ahead of Manquillo. I don’t think he’s ever going to be good enough to start in the Premier League for us, but he’ll be a good squad player for us. We ruined ours and his chances of getting better by not loaning him out when we bought him. He was far too raw to be put into our team at the time and needed regular football. His brother benefited by playing that year of football and was unlucky to not get a move away when Cardiff went down, which s
  14. Brighton’s fixtures are: Everton (H) Chelsea (A) Sheffield United (A) Leeds United (H) Wolves (A) West Ham (H) Man City (H) Arsenal (A) They are currently level on points with us, and on paper you would say they only have 1 winnable game (Sheffield United) , possibly 2 (Wolves). Brighton themselves are not safe yet in my opinion.
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