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  1. Watched the derby at the Arena. It was rammed!
  2. On your way to the lab, to see what's on the slab. 🤣
  3. Comparing his excellent balance to Giggs, yes. Can you read or just get by letting people help you?
  4. His balance is his greatest asset. The way he very quickly transitions fro receiving the ball to full on sprint is amazing. Coupled with his ability to jink at high speed too. Giggs was the last player with that sort of ability imo.
  5. He's been on at Hoochie Koochie in Newcastle a few times. He's on again December 4th, can't wait.
  6. He didn't get the card because the CB wound him up though.
  7. Don't mind him getting that card, will send a message to opposing CB's that he's not afraid to mix it.
  8. I was sat near the players box yesterday, Coloccini's demeanour could be described as surly. Never took his eyes off the game, while his "mates" larked about next to him.
  9. Nepharite

    Adam Armstrong

    Making room for an incoming striker perhaps?
  10. This kid being in the team won't stop Williamson from running into him. Premier/Champions League experienced partner next please.
  11. Didn't he have a dig at us a couple of months ago about something else?
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