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  1. Love these Friday night fixtures that clash with Gogglebox as there is only one winner there.
  2. "It is your birthday" Inspirational quote from wor Keith.
  3. OK thanks very much for that, both I'm on 10mg btw. I'm used to this I suppose, think I'm fairly sensitive to these things as always find the first few weeks on new medication really rough. Will just ride it out but it makes me grumpy all day when I know I'll have trouble sleeping later on.
  4. Anyone been on escitalopram before? @Consortium of one - a forum search suggests you were on it? I switched to it straight from fluoxetine on Saturday (doctor said that was OK) and it has been alright but have ended up sleeping on the sofa due to sleep issues 3 nights out of 4 so far. Also constantly grinding my gums. I know side effects differ from person to person but hoping this levels out within a week or 2 as it's fucking with me head tbh.
  5. I'd read it too many times and could no longer handle it.
  6. Mate, he's been a copper for 24 years man he's not a 24 year old with 24 years life experience like you keep saying this is why I posted the spiderman thing.
  7. When Fantail Breeze realises...
  8. Not remotely shocked by that. Seems like that sort of bloke.
  9. She's a good egg in general tbh.
  10. @Papavasiliou - in case it's of any comfort, I've had 5 or 6 jobs in London now and always found a way to skive sharpish. Where there's a will there's a way.
  11. Hmm do you think it's because you feel trapped down here with no prospect of getting back? I've been in London 13 years now and for around 10 of those years I was with a (lovely) girl who thought of this as her home and didn't want to move back to the North East. I can't deny it built up some resentment in me as I really get sick of it down here sometimes. I'm with someone else now and the plan is to move back up there next year when we can hopefully afford to buy a house. I do feel a bit more at peace knowing that's on the cards at some point, rather than having no certainty around it.
  12. This is why the book should have been thrown at them.
  13. I actually think the 2 clubs would add a lot of excitement to the league if we're talking hypotheticals but I disagree with it for the same reason I disagreed with the ESL. Thought the same earlier this week when people were saying the other 14 should invite them over.
  14. Perez is on another planet. For 20 years Real Madrid's transfer policy has been to sign the absolute best proven players and hottest prospects no matter what the cost. If they can't afford that then they need to live within their means, not fuck over the rest of football to continue with that ridiculous policy.
  15. This story's as good as dead now, innit. Feel very deflated now.
  16. This, I can't even bring myself to feel pleased about this news if these arseholes are simply let off the hook and we're back to normal or even worse making more concessions. Funny though.
  17. It'll be added to my Ashley ventures shit list, personally. I'll get rid of Amazon Prime and stop shopping there as well, as hard as that is these days.
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