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  1. Ah man neesy, I'm really sorry to hear about this. My mam works in social care for local govt and says this is a huge problem amongst middle aged age group in the north east, i.e. people just sleepwalking into alcoholism in their droves. It sounds like you're doing all you can by speaking to him and also his sister. If he's not ready or willing to listen though then your options are extremely limited. Perhaps you could look into Al Anon, which is specifically for those close to alcoholics? I don't know much about those meetings and what they'll advise since I'm on the other si
  2. The BBC received 100k complaints for their coverage of the death of the legend of banter
  3. ASM sold the cameraman with the dummy for his goal there
  4. Apparently couldn't be heard as it was drowned out by the canned applause?
  5. Well articulated, I've felt a bit like this myself lately. And therefore have fuck-all advice Apart from try to get a few post-lockdown things into the calendar if you can, I have a trip up to Newcastle booked for late May which is keeping me going atm but might need to do something else in the meantime just to break the tedium up. I find myself endlessly worrying about money which is just stupid really, my outgoings are high atm and I'm saving as much as I can for a house deposit but it's never enough in my own mind and I worry. I think that's at the heart of me feeling const
  6. It seems to me that new polls do work but any legacy polls from the old forum don't? Some do, some don't for me anyway.
  7. Aye I did the mic one, Pilko sounds right for the other one
  8. Honestly in the age of on-demand everything, all of this bullshit is a really great way to make broadcasters seem even more irrelevant and out of date than they already seem.
  9. Another bunch of cunts who take nee notice of me
  10. It better not affect the final of The Circle.
  11. Swansea should probably stop abusing people on Twitter full stop tbh, stopping it for seven days is a bit of a piss take.
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