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    FWIW cases are not yet rising significantly. The 7 day average went up 3% but testing was also up in the same period by 9% - an effective reduction in positivity rates. At the moment it's more of a plateau.
  2. ponsaelius


    I don't think we've got the supply/capacity to do that while still hitting second dose targets within 12 weeks. The lower first dose numbers at the moment are still the most we could be doing so opening it up wouldn't make much difference. It's just a case of waiting for second doses to catch up and then it will flip around again. Cases are going to rise a bit over coming weeks but it's not going to be significant and will not result in many deaths. Then first doses ramp up again and suppress transmission further.
  3. How could we say for sure that Armstrong is only Championship level. He's never played in the top flight and has clearly gotten better year on year. 28 goals this season is a brilliant return. It's a shame we mismanaged him as badly as we did. The lad played at every level for England up to U21.
  4. A Europa League tie between Santa Clara and Luch Energiya Vladivostok or SKA Khabarovsk is the dream. Santa Clara are heavily linked to Benfica I think - their badge is almost the same.
  5. One other thing about Serie A - there is no doubt in terms of quality it is far lower than it was in the past, and the teams are continually underperforming in Europe as a result. However in terms of the actual football being played it's actually far more entertaining than it was when I first started watching and the teams were much better on paper. The financial stakes are lower and as a result the old catenaccio has gone and the managers coming through want to play good and expansive football. Smaller teams like Atalanta and Sassuolo have had great success playing almost ridiculously ca
  6. Absolutely. Fiorentina (who have been broadly shite this season with the exception of Vlahovic) winning there 0-3 probably broke the spell that they had over teams. Even the weaker sides in the league have fancied their chances of giving them the run around. Also as much I hate VAR, in Italy it has generally be implemented better and has made it much harder for Juventus to get away with scandalous and indeed blatantly corrupt refereeing decisions. A bit like the one season in history of Serie A where referees were randomly decided rather than being pre-selected by committee (84-85) result
  7. H2H is equal between them and Napoli currently have a 6 goal headstart there too. That probably gives them a little more leeway. I think Juve need to win 3/3 to do it.
  8. Yep this is their major problem. Generally all good players but a lack of pace and energy. Regularly have committed to only playing a midfield two. Compare that to their midfield in the CL final of 2015: Pirlo/Pogba/Vidal/Marchisio
  9. I think it's probably only Napoli they can overhaul at this point since Milan also have H2H over them now (as do Atalanta). Juventus have Sassuolo and Inter next to play and finish with Bologna. Napoli have Udinese, Fiorentina and Verona. So all teams with nothing to play for essentially. I don't trust Napoli to finish the job with 3/3 - but equally I am sure Conte and Inter will want to rub salt in the wounds.
  10. Ronaldo has scored 27 goals in the league this season. Against Inter, Milan, Napoli and Atalanta he has scored 1 in 7. He also has 2 assists in an entire league campaign. This is in a side built entirely around serving him the ball. But this is no slant on him. At the end of the day he has just turned 36. For a player of that age he's doing more than fine. The question is why successful club with an established dynasty and economic advantage has deliberately hamstrung themselves in this way. One can only ask Agnelli.
  11. The entire point is the Ronaldo signing has caused this. Paying him 31 million euros a year (this is Atalanta's entire squad more or less) has meant they couldn't afford to build a proper team and experimented with cheaper managerial recruitment. It all stems from making a hugely expensive signing for marketing reasons rather than trying to build a team. Historically Juventus has always been a club which made superstars and generally had no problem selling them. Signing Ronaldo was a shift from this historic policy to align with their rebrand. It's been a total disaster in every way
  12. Pre-Ronaldo 2015 - Serie A, Coppa Italia, CL Final 2016 - Serie A, Coppa Italia, CL Last 16 (Bayern) 2017 - Serie A, Coppa Italia, CL Final 2018 - Serie A, Coppa Italia, CL QF (Real Madrid) Post-Ronaldo Signing 2019 - Serie A, CL QF (Ajax) 2020 - Serie A, CL Last 16 (Lyon) 2021 - 5th, Coppa Italia final tbc, CL Last 16 (Porto) That is a clear and marked decline since they signed Ronaldo both domestically and in Europe. Pirlo or no Pirlo. Signing him for 100 million euros, and putting him on a 31 million euro contract (the next highest paid player in Serie A
  13. Buying Ronaldo is probably the worst move they've made tbh. At least he's gonna win Capocannoniere at the third time of asking, though. Money well spent.
  14. I think you mean funny. He'll probably leave anyway if they miss out.
  15. Other way around for me but yeah I've definitely found it worthwhile. Saves scrambling around for a stream and always runs nice and smooth. The weekly magazine/highlight shows for both leagues on catch up are good too.
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