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  1. It genuinely doesn’t seem like either side here has just won the champions league. Underwhelming game to win. Half the pool players aren’t even smiling waiting to get the trophy.
  2. Poch got the Kane/Moura decision wrong for me. Kanes a top striker, but he hasn’t changed big games like Moura has recently for a while now. He played similarly at the World Cup. Kane was higher quality a couple season ago imo.
  3. Holy fuck It’s a solid free kick, but no one seems to have noticed it kicks up off Gomez’s shoulder subtly which helps it get the lift. Best angle is 1 min in. Very good but a bit of luck involved.
  4. When Shelveys on his game we're a better side. He and Diame outplayed several central midfield pairings last season and were a big part in us doing well. His ball to Perez was an example of what he can bring. The laziness in getting back seems to have creeped in again however, which he seemed to have worked on a lot last season aswell as his fitness. He's had injuries and missed quite a few games, which likely leads to things like the Pogba tackle due to wanting to get on the ball more. He's always lacked control to a point. If we can get the Diame & Shelvey from last season, with K
  5. To be fair, we'll probably sign/loan some players in January. Mike Ashley's history is that he does something when we're struggling. It's just either not enough or just enough to keep us up. Then we either go down, come back up and lack investment again. Or we stay up and lack investment again. It's circular and pointless.
  6. Why are we even watching anymore. I know we all say it but it's so bad :lol: You have to laugh. Suppose it's something to do. I do hope things actually kick off if Rafa goes. We surely don't have many more chances for change any time soon after that.
  7. Hayden gave it away, Shelvey jogged back again though and left an open pass for Sanchez.
  8. It's just the margins, we've probably created more than they have yet can't do anything with it. They get a free kick, rashford probably adds some swerve despite having a relatively poor game and that singular bit of quality with one of our best players having a moment and we're a goal behind. Nothing Rafa can do about that, though they'll have a go again if we lose now.
  9. Jayson


    Reminds me of the time I made up stories so I could get angry and then bookended it with more liquid faecal matter based on my preexisting prejudices because I despise people who I don’t class as real men. Enlighten me on how I’m wrong then? Well to start with he wanted to join us permanently, not go back to Chelsea. So there's that. Not been regularly googling Kennedy's latest quotes I'll be honest, but last I checked he specifically did an interview in September stating he wanted to go back to Chelsea after the loan and become a champion for them. Perhaps that's where Odin is
  10. Jayson


    Did well defensively. Needs to keep things a bit simpler and sort his control a bit to stop causing counter attacks.
  11. I think you'd see a difference if we got any sort of result. Players dont turn awful over night, Diame and Shelvey were superb at many points last season. The sides confidence is obviously an affecting factor. Only really in last 3rd of the season. Yeah when we got a few new players, who came in doing well and lifted the general outlook of the players. Kenedy especially lifted the players confidence, we largely have the same midfield. They're not doing well, i still expect they're just very low on confidence given our poor run. If any of our strikers start scoring actual goals, the g
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