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  1. They’re not even as addictive as pistachios IMO.
  2. Isn’t that partly because of the enormous variations in climate? Roads have to cope with very cold weather in Winter and getting fucked up by snowploughs, then hot Summers in which the State puts the roads back together again.
  3. Are they good this year? Genuinely have no idea.
  4. This is the monkey version for beginners.
  5. And we have RITA, which is some sort of regional thing that I think NE Ohio cities sign up to if they want bus routes, or something. When I explain that the company I worked for in the UK just took everything out of my pay packet and I never had to lift a finger to deal with taxes/healthcare, people react like I must have lived on Mars.
  6. Even if we just did Draft Day I think I’d still be in.
  7. Driven through Louisville enough times. I wouldn’t have called it the Midwest, but it’s not entirely the South either. Before moving here I’d have said Kentucky was in the South, but E Kentucky is more like W Virginia tbh.
  8. Let me just ask you how much you’d bid for Aaron Rodgers as a Bronco?
  9. Well this is awful: https://apnews.com/article/ap-top-news-boise-idaho-sexual-assault-us-news-ade08d8d48b315a3eb3deaff302c1bb4
  10. Jesus. Not sure they even felt they needed to confirm which party, either. How many of these batshitters are there?
  11. Uh huh. Hard to imagine a universe where Rafa goes to a team where things are not good off the pitch and there’s not going to be loads of money available.
  12. General feeling with the fans was that Newsome wouldn’t get to us at 26 and that we’d take JOK if he was still there. Some thought both would be gone. Actually getting both is a bit bonkers. I mean, it’s all just BSing until we actually start playing, but Browns fans in general are buzzing.
  13. Our division is looking pretty scary. Including us, tbf.
  14. I've lost track, is Russell WIlson def staying now?
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