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  1. "just bash their fucking skulls in, it's too hot" is brilliant.
  2. I love the fact they're all just in a box in a room somewhere.
  3. Ive seen it has Rebecca Hall in so might be worth a few minutes
  4. Heard it was kicking off at the Boathouse in Wylam when it opened on Monday. They've got a pretty small outside area and of course it was so packed and everyone was so hammered it ended up with people shitting in the bushes and massive fights kicking off so the Police had to be called. Imagine that'll go down well with the locals Imagine it's not going to have been an isolated incident country wide.
  5. The talks about him potentially being left back or wing back are crazy.
  6. Saka is so fucking good. Smith Rowe as well. It's mad how many bad performances Arsenal can have given their pool of attacking talent. Arteta's biggest failure I think is not being able to come up with a single system, or maybe2, that accommodates all of the players that are potential starters. To have Auba, Lacazette, Saka, Smith Rowe, Odegaard, and Martinelli. Christ even Pepe. and not being able to be an attacking threat nearly every single game is canny shocking.
  7. Good composure from Pepe but even better from Smith Rowe.
  8. Now I regret not posting an image of Ant McPartlin in a terrible suit the other day to diss your purchasing decisions
  9. Not when you're frantically trying to get across a lane to make a junction and nee cunt slows down enough for you to be able do it.
  10. He is actual evil. His stupidity and ignorance are astounding. I'd happily do time for smacking him square in the face.
  11. And horribly dangerous. They love undertaking in Croatia and I was nearly involved in a massive crash.
  12. Just makes you think "You got a problem with me overtaking you eh mate? Fucking come on then..."
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