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    Main side effect of my vaccine was sore and stiff neck/shoulders/back the following day and a bit of a stuffy head and foggy brain. Other than that I felt physically absolutely top notch.
  2. Been craving Thai red curry all week. best image hosting site free
  3. Jill


    Had my first vaccine. Fainted when I got back in the car, giving my sister the fright of her life cos she's always been the fainter between us.
  4. Jill


    Getting my first jab next week.
  5. I never thought I'd find myself saying this but this last year I've been pretty grateful for a lifetime of mental health problems. It's been really tough at times but already having an understanding of MH struggles and the tools to combat them has been vital in doing everything I can to keep myself well. My heart goes out to anyone who's been thrown into depression during the pandemic and doesn't have the help and support in place already. The only advice I can give anyone is to keep plodding on as best you can, through gritted teeth if you have to, and use whatever support is offered. Ge
  6. Jill

    What mood are you in?

    Thanks for the heads up! My AA sponsor is also in Nar Anon (same as Al Anon but for families of people with all addictions). Both of those groups provide support on assisting addicts/alcoholics while keeping firm boundaries in place to minimise the impact on your own life. It sounds like it could be helpful for you @neesy111 - fire me a message and I can arrange for someone to contact you for a chat or provide meeting information.
  7. Aw I love him in Friday Night Dinner. It's one of my go-to daft shows that I don't really need to pay attention to.
  8. Jill


    Oh, that would be me too. Both other members of my household are immunosupressed through medication. They've both been vaccinated already thankfully but I'm way down the list.
  9. Jill


    Lockdown positives for me: - physical health is probably the best it's been in years with more walks and better meals, including far fewer takeaways - recovery (alcohol) has been absolutely incredible via Zoom - I've developed stronger friendships and family connections due to more regular phone calls and messages - moved house and in with my girlfriend and her daughter, lockdown meant we had to learn quickly how to live together and our family unit has become really strong. - had time to fully unpack and decorate the house so it was a home very quickly - learne
  10. Jill


    After working 1 day in the last year, I had a call earlier to ask me to come into the office for the rest of the week from tomorrow. There's a new system that they want me to test. Feel sick as a dog with anxiety. Not because of covid risk, just the idea of interacting with people for 3 days.
  11. Happy to confirm the rice was chilled first (cooked earlier in the day and put in the fridge)
  12. Shopping is getting delivered tonight so had to knock something up from what we had in. Quorn in sweet chilli and pepper sauce (jar) with my first attempt at homemade fried rice.
  13. Eee it's weird. I'm scared.
  14. Jill

    Forum news

    Thanks for all your hard work, chaps.
  15. Found completing the census weirdly triggering for my self-worth. Me - very good health, condition that currently doesn't impact daily life, working 0 hours per week Partner - condition with major impact on daily life, working 38 hours per week Stepkid - condition with some impact on daily life, studying full time and working 16 hours per week Then realised since neither me nor my sister have kids I won't have any descendants who are excitedly checking census data in the future to research family history so I don't really matter anyway.
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