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  1. There's something incredibly unlikeable about Parker, I can't put my finger on it.
  2. Well that's that then. Wrapped up with three games to spare.
  3. Anguissa would be an absolutely massive improvement on anyone we have in CM.
  4. They're in terrible form and Blackpool beat them home and away recently, its far from a certainty.
  5. There were three games in a row (Villa, Wolves, Arsenal) where Fulham shipped late goals. I wouldn't say that's bad luck, its a trend. I just don't think they had the confidence to see out those games.
  6. A huge problem with Labour is when I look at the party as a whole I'm not really sure what they stand for anymore. There's been a bit of left wing reform across Europe of late, I wonder if a split and merge with the likes of the Lib Dems and the Greens could be a possibility (admittedly an unlikely one).
  7. The Prophet

    Joe Willock

    For all we know he might not be in Arsenal's plans for next season. They could well have a managerial change and bring in a couple of new faces.
  8. A few weeks back I thought we'd stay up thanks to a below par bottom three, but we've somehow scraped together 39 points. That would keep us in the division a majority of seasons. I think we have a much better attack than people give us credit for, they're just held back by incompetent management.
  9. The week Fulham failed to beat Burnley and West Brom in consecutive games it became clear they were in an enormous amount of trouble. It was shortly after we'd brought Jones in. That was the turning point for me. Don't get me wrong relegation was an ever present threat, especially with injuries mounting up and Bruce at the helm, but Fulham have never really kicked on. It was never for the want of trying either, they just lack the required quality in the final third.
  10. The Prophet

    Joe Willock

    Apparently he just hasn't performed well for them in the Europa League and the limited league performances he's made. Arsenal are a side that like to pack the final third, he probably isn't getting that space to run beyond the strikers.
  11. I can't get over how poor Leicester were. Even in the early stages it looked like we could haul against a calamitous back three.
  12. I was just reading we're W5 - D5 - L5 since he came in as first team coach. As you'd expect, it reads better with Wilson in the side.
  13. Already seen a couple of comments to the effect that Bruce has us eating our words. Skin crawling.
  14. In theory we could still go down on goal difference.
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