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  1. All small stakes, all with Paddy. Neymar 2+ assists - 33/1 (this came in 1st leg - 10/1 elsewhere) Neymar 1+ assist in each half - 66/1 Mbappe 2+ assists - 50/1 Mbappe 1+ assist in each half - 100/1
  2. Absolutely fucking unreal, Billing immediately scores today doesn't he.
  3. Hi and welcome to our season since November.
  4. If any of you watched that then I urgently invite you to re-evaluate your life.
  5. To be fair, there's nothing on the pitch to talk about.
  6. I have no idea what formation we're playing which isn't great for eyeing up a bet.
  7. We've been rubbish for months. Though, we're less bad away from home.
  8. Just a small stake double for this game. McGoldrick and Laca cards, 55/1.
  9. They don't seem to care. 5 now.
  10. Come on Lucas, roll a shot into Henderson's hands please. Or score, if you like.
  11. The bottom line with VAR for me isn't so much about the game delays, the removal of in-the-moment excitement (which of course is still a huge factor). it's the fact I feel like we're still not coming to the right decision, and it's only serving to hold a huge magnifying glass over how bad the decisions are. Like most I was happy to give it a go but in its current format it quite simply cannot continue. Cliche but it's true - it's killing the game.
  12. That's an extraordinary decision - yet at the same time once he's made it, how is it not a 2nd yellow? A complete and utter fuck-up of a situation.
  13. McSauce making up for lost time on the cards front.
  14. Son, Lucas, McSauce 1+ SOT each - 14/1
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