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  1. five things we learned about 7 things about potholes
  2. love the look of film haven't seen it for a while. My first job was working in a photo lab - just made me remember the smells and the grain on the prints - Brilliant
  3. and Sunderland https://www.ukpopulation.org/sunderland-population/
  4. Sunderland's a bigger city population wise not by much according to last census. nope, wrong https://www.ukpopulation.org/newcastle-population/
  5. Wrong anyway, needs to get facts right! https://www.ukpopulation.org/newcastle-population/
  6. When Johnny Goes Marching in (?) by the clash / sex pistols (?) / The animals went in 2 by 2 Patrick Gilmore,1863. Was The Clash not Johnny was? Stiff Little Fingers? Its the clash, English civil war from Give em enough rope
  7. absolutely love the second image, wow.
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