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  1. Actually you’re right, he was bought as a critical piece of the jigsaw which is the progressive and talented team that Ashley has been painstakingly assembling for several seasons.
  2. He was bought to sell on anyway, nothing really to see here.
  3. Not sure what I was expecting but this is utter shite.
  4. Before the useless waste of spunk Bruces’s luck ran out this was the type of game he’d get a win just as it seemed he was done for. Let’s see if Miggy or someone can pull the fat bell end out of his own shit.
  5. I remember it being widely accepted it was Jones’ system at the time to be fair. Just because it’s not getting the results anymore doesn’t mean ownership of it can change to Bruce to fit the current agenda. Bruce is the manager, no one really knows what input Jones has. He’s not Bruce so fans will hang their hat on him but in the end he’s another Ashley place man. It’s been clear for several games now the system doesn’t work without Wilson - it’s Bruce persisting with it.
  6. Has the thick cunt realised yet that his shit ‘system’ that fluked a win against Everton doesn’t fucking work?
  7. Fuck there goes my Martinez clean sheet Fantasy Footy points 😡
  8. Unless he has a breakdown, which is always a possibility, he’ll be here until the end of the season. Jones is his replacement and he’s already here so why sack Bruce and pay out compensation? There’s no way Bruce will be manager next season though; he wouldn’t have survived this long with fans in the stadium.
  9. Reminds me of a less energetic and dynamic Geremi.
  10. Ashley’s disastrous appointment of Bruce will ultimately bite him on the arse. He appoints the ‘Messi of Sports Law’ to battle the PL; literally the best specialist that money can buy. When it comes to protecting his £350m asset he appoints the statistically worst manager in PL history. What could possibly have gone wrong?
  11. Although it would be a bit of a shame the consortium pulling out due to relegation is absolutely the outcome Ashley deserves.
  12. Laughing my cock off at this. Hope Baconheed and Fat Ash are starting to sweat.
  13. Three wins from those games should be enough luckily.
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