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  1. I’ve managed to get a few games in, I think it’s really good. a lot of potential. quite fast paced though which just means the games are over far too quickly. I’d love to see them develop this further, and I’m interested to see where they take it. 4v4 with maps that are a bit more structured and the addition of objective based game modes could be incredible. CTF with Octane
  2. update is out. I can’t get in a game though, servers are struggling. is there an N-O club set up or anything?
  3. I was building out the dark theme and edited the default by accident.
  4. Just unpinned them. they hadn't been updated in 100 years anyway.
  5. agreed, yeah. but man, it was painful watching him last season. had plenty of talent around him but he couldn’t ever get anything going. he seems like a good guy though, hope he does well there.
  6. unlucky Broncos fans! Teddy sucks.
  7. Looks pretty good. 3v3 round-based elimination, with a buy mode. basically like Valorant/CSGO. I think it'd be better with bigger teams though.
  8. There's nothing in it, unfortunately. Whois protection is pretty much standard across most domain providers these days. and it wasn't a recent change, https://whois.domaintools.com/nufc.co.uk shows the domain was last updated 27-Jun-2020. Maybe you were thinking of the club shop? https://whois.domaintools.com/nufcdirect.com
  9. Still got 'em, but they're fairly query intensive so we don't use them on the front-end. Is there anything in particular you'd like to know?
  10. Good. the horrible cunt.
  11. Cookies, yeah. That's expected behaviour so nothing to worry about there!
  12. HUGZ

    Takeover Thread

    It's a fair point, but that doesn't fit my narrative. Instead we'll call that a necessary expert level chess move from De Marco
  13. HUGZ

    Takeover Thread

    I can't help but feel the PL have been dragging it out in the hope we get relegated and the decision is made for them. I know people think PIF would stick around and complete the takeover regardless, but there's nothing (that I know of) to suggest that would definitely be the case. I'm confident we'll get closure soon.
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