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  1. Blair's charisma and oration here really stresses how far behind any of the current (or previous) crop are like.
  2. Mind, I do think that if NUST were ever able to raise an amount needed to buy any percentage of the club, Mike Ashley would tell they to get to fuck out pure spite.
  3. Well on the whole, I think fan ownership whereby elected supporters, groups or trusts own part of a football club is the way it should be. I think its a good thing because I would back an elected group to supporters to make decisions in the best interests of the supporters and football club more than I would some random businessman. I dont think NUST would claim to speak for all fans, just their members but if in a hypothetical situation they did own, say 20% of the club and were influential enough to have a say in matters, they could have an elected board to make decisions on behalf of t
  4. As if 1% is the be and end all. If the fans own even 1% of the club, then it's a great achievement, but who says it has to stop there? Newcastle United is going to be around a long time and not necessarily as an overvalued PL club. The fans owning any percentage, however long it takes is a good thing.
  5. Yet somehow they've fluked out with a new, wealthy owner. Makes you sick.
  6. Whats wrong with Ian Mearns out of interest? Sat behind him in the Gallowgate for a season, used to do that mad loud whistle whenever we used to get a corner. Got about 4 in a row once, thought he was going to keel owa.
  7. I'd agree if it hadnt already been delayed a year but Im not sure else when it could be played. Next summer before a World Cup a few months later, or the summer of 2023 crammed between aforementioned World Cup and Euro 2024. Any other time but now and it would lose that feel of importance that a two year wait for an international tournament brings. It wont have the feel of the Euros, and itll be totally lackluster in terms of atmosphere but I'm still massively looking forward to it. A welcome break from the direness of watching Newcastle, the chance to actually watch football with people
  8. Its a good idea. Its ambitious and a long shot but there is room for part fan ownership in football, without doubt. A quick glance at twitter and its a "waste of time", "impossible", "pissing your hard earned away". No doubt the same cunts that refuse to back any boycott or protest and happily donate a more substantial amount to Mike Ashley every other week. And there in lies the problem. Good on the NUST for giving it a go imo.
  9. This is my problem with xG. I understand it as a metric to predict games on a more individual basis, but stuff like this makes it look like a load of nonesense. Burnley are a far more effective team than both us and Fulham. Everton might not be as good as their position suggests but worse than us and Fulham? Really? Theres a reason why Fulham are below us despite us being absolutely rancid. They're not very good. They might well stay up, but it'll be largely down to our inability to win games of football. Having them sat 14th in a table that's supposed to measure how good a team act
  10. Also, who the fuck is listening to all these NUFC related podcasts like? Theres a million of them like. How are they getting any listens? Who even wants to hear about Newcastle at the minute?
  11. I think Wraith is a self promoting, obnoxious, disingenuous cunt only interested in promoting Steve Wraith. I think that Tommy Robinson has views I completely disagree with, is an out and out grifter, who presents a distorted reality as fact. However, I think Wraith has every right to interview him, even if it is a poor moral decision by a morally bankrupt bloke. Robinson has addressed the Oxford Union, he's been interviewed on the BBC, he's been interviewed in the national press. Louis Theroux can interview Nazi's, theres documentaries about people about people who believe all kinds of c
  12. That Northern Independence Party thats come about is the absolute pits. Their twitter feed is a stream of constant attacks on Starmer, 'centrists' and Labour. They claim they're not interested in Corbyn despite harping on about the useless fucker daily. A whippet in their logo and a tag line of "Its about bloody time" is absolutely fucking cringeworthy too. Thats before we even get started on how the basic premise of an independent Northern England is a ridiculous idea.
  13. If you're going to lay one down on someone for pedantry, at least get a correct map. Northern Ireland is not part of Great Britain. Neither is the Isle of Man, which isn't even part of the UK. Edit: The Sheltand Islands are absolutely not west of Scotland either. Who the fuck made this.
  14. I think relegation and championship stagnation means it would be more likely that some chancers would takeover from Ashley. The championship is littered with shit owners. Look at the set of clowns that ran Leeds for years. It would be disastrous to go from Ashley to someone as equally or dare I say it, even more incompetent. The be all and end all is getting rid of Ashley and getting decent owners in, I think that's more of a possibility in the PL, where we are a more attractive prospect than in the CH.
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