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  1. Bench Boost time, although being without Vardy, Alexander-Arnold and Calvert-Lewin won't be fun.
  2. Beat the Chasers seems pretty easy to win. Decent money too.
  3. Seems like the endgame is finally in play. Ballsy moves from our lot, let's hope for utopia
  4. Gonna miss Aguero, like. In general, not from a Newcastle viewpoint.
  5. The more I hear that the takeover may not be done over the summer and that Bruce will remain, the more I feel like we've wasted a lot of emotional energy over the past few months. All that effort into hoping we survive.... for nothing. Because Bruce will take us down next season.
  6. I just got angrier as the list went on, getting American-centric by the end. Scrubs all the way down in 53rd? Spongebob in there? Fleabag?!??! I'd put Parks and Rec #1 myself tbf.
  7. Keep Burnley competitive for their Fulham match
  8. The one bit I do like is when the correspondent keeps correcting him but not her.
  9. Can see Fulham getting 9 points but surely we get that draw vs Sheff Utd. Right? Right?
  10. Ketsbaia

    Eurovision 2021

    Still don't get why last year's didn't happen. Just get each band to send a video, surely?
  11. I've spoken to so many - family calls, girlfriend, line manager, work friend, GP receptionist, Employee Assistance Programme etc. I'm not feeling any better. Still fearing for the future, wondering what the problem is and how on earth it can be fixed. Any time I'll have a good chat or get a bit of hope, it's gone within 10 minutes. This is mental torture and I wouldn't wish it on anyone.
  12. Where can I talk about my problems further? GP then professional help might work but, in the meantime, I'd like to talk online to randoms with good advice. Honestly though, I am so so low today. And probably tomorrow. Really not sure what it is, either, just some brain poison.
  13. Yeah, moving back is something she's very aware of but she doesn't want to move back, she wants to move forwards. I enjoyed being alone last time but something has drastically changed and I'm not sure what. Feel like this has triggered it - if I went back home tomorrow I'd still be sad, if I suddenly had company I'd be sad. Even this morning, I have no motivation to do anything except stew in sadness. No idea how you've done this for 13 years.
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