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  1. Impressive flounce for failing to make the play-offs.
  2. At least we've discovered that Fantail Breeze wasn't a detective.
  3. Ash

    The horse racing thread

    Eklat De Rire nearly making the bookies an absolute fortune there, would have been worse than Annie Power's fall had he scuppered Monkfish.
  4. Ash

    The horse racing thread

    Fixed that for you. He helped win me over £5k at Cheltenham last year. I’ve made no secret I’ve copied his tips. Mentioned it in betting thread previously. I’m not really a horses betting man What’s your point tho other than to be a bit of a dick? Not everyone reads the betting thread. If you're going to post selections that are directly ripped from a preview or tipster, at least have the decency to state it and link to them to give them the credit they deserve.
  5. Ash

    The horse racing thread

    Fixed that for you.
  6. Ash

    The horse racing thread

    Finding it hard to stray too far away from the favs today aside from Metier and Busselton to at least place in their respective races.
  7. Ash

    Ace posts

    Google how much he's worth and it'll only add to it, as I found to be the case.
  8. Ash


    Fascinating insight from Alastair Cook there, stating he doesn't think we'll be favourites defending *checks notes* 47 runs (as it stands).
  9. Any recommendations for must-have PS5 games? Barely touched my PS4 in the last two to three years and have been massively out of the gaming loop during that time. Bought Spider-Man and Madden as a starting point and will probably get Hitman 3 in the near future but not sure beyond that.
  10. Didn’t seem to bang his head, looked like he tweaked his neck or something. He was all over the place when he got up. Banged his head into the ground? There was contact towards the back of his head from the defender’s helmet with the initial contact. Was fairly difficult to spot but the angle from behind showed it.
  11. Was on the Saints -11.5. Complete rage during that entire last drive. Calmed somewhat when they decided to not bother with the PAT.
  12. Apparently Argos put their stock back online at 3am again for the second day running. Nobody is handling this well at all.
  13. Anybody with an EE contract, they've just released some PS5s to add on to your pay monthly deal if you're quick.
  14. The replies to that on Facebook are incredible. The country is beyond repair.
  15. Is this likely to get the best out of a PS5 or am I going to need to upgrade? Read conflicting reports and don’t really want to upgrade if I don’t have to.
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