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  1. if we do get £16m + I think we will try and fail to get one of Rafas main targets, but manage to get someone in on loan. the 16m will disappear by January.
  2. I was told last week this was the logjam thats the issue in the club.
  3. He may have been offered a better deal at a championship club, that wont expect him to do as much chasing against Prem quality defenders, and add to his hamstringophobia
  4. If you look at the teams that dominate games, their strikers are a vital part of that. Joselu is a major reason we dominated against West Ham for example think if you are playing 1 up front you are better having somebody who can play with their back to goal- hold it up lay it off etc. Gayle is more a chasing longer balls type player.
  5. only sell if he has an option he thinks is better available
  6. We would have to buy someone instantly but remember Ashley n co usually sell a player right at the dead as they prefer money in the bank to assets on the pitch. and then that money is just forgotten at the next window.
  7. Need him back- 2-3 weeks has passed now?
  8. only positive is the window is still open- make a bid for defoe
  9. title needs something added. except against Blackburn
  10. Racist. I thiught you were all about being in the EU.
  11. Machine gun rather than a snipers rifle.
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