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  1. It'll be interesting once the fixtures are done to see at which point in the season we were actually safe from relegation already without knowing it. Bet it's in the middle of that 2 wins in 22 or whatever it was, showing just how poor the league is.
  2. Only just bought this as I had some class 2020 saves from the first lockdown I've carried on with. Got saves on the go with Newcastle, Barrow and Darlington and so far my immediate reaction is that the injury setting is a bit wild, been struggling to get a team out on all three thanks to random training ground injuries.
  3. "I've been saying for a while wuh've been quietly confident if wuh can keep wah big players at the top end of the pitch fit and healthy then wuh'd be okay" "It's about an accumulation of points" (Re: Leicester game) "Ah was really pleased with the way wuh went about wah work" (Re: conceding 2 late) "Could only happen to us, that's Newcastle for yer" "That's for shuwa" and "Well, ya kneeeuw" to make an appearance a few times also.
  4. Chucked some IT Crowd on, seen it before, but forgot how fucking amazing 'The Haunting of Bill Crouse' is Onto the Gay: A Gay Musical one now which has always been a favourite too. Such an underrated show.
  5. Take Metro. Go to Stadium of Light. Kill ethnic minorities, grab cheesy chips, late equaliser from Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for promotion to the Championship to blow over.
  6. Oh they've only rustled up a classic 1-1 home draw.
  7. Getting beat off relegated Northampton at home
  8. I placed yesterday afternoon so the odds must have come in on some of them
  9. No, where are you placing? This is with Sky.
  10. To score 2 or more Crewe, AFC Wimbledon, Accrington, Hull, Oxford - 106/1
  11. Pulisic 2+ SOT from outside the area 150/1
  12. Shade over £200. Happy days!
  13. Hoejberg/Dallas cards 20/1 Preston, Wycombe, Norwich and QPR to score 2+ goals - 42/1
  14. Changed my bet for Fede and Soyuncu given Evans looks to have done something in the warmup.
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