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  1. The PL would indeed be foolish if they tried to hide any communication. It's very difficult to permanently delete anything. Remember also that the PL leadership must, at least, appear to be trustworthy. If they can't maintain trust they'll be out. So, to summarize, the PL has to be as forthcoming as possible.
  2. I'd resign him. Nice squad player who can cover a few positions.
  3. I do like the Yankees when they aren't winning championships all the time
  4. I just want us to assure safety ASAP and see which dominos start to fall.
  5. Not me. I've hated the Yankees for a lifetime because they bought almost all of their 27 championships. I hate what the Dodgers are doing now. I'm a Mets fan too and I'm glad the Mets didn't buy up Springer and Bauer and trade for Arenado because that just wouldn't feel right. Obviously I want to win but I also want to identify with the players.
  6. Outside of the front 3 and perhaps Lewis we have a severe deficit of athleticism. Willock is a great fit (he has to start) and younger center back is also a must. And a back up for Wilson is the bare minimum. Some of the older deadwood has got to go. If the club get taken over the roster overhaul can be accelerated but rather than spend big money, target younger players with potential to start building around.
  7. In the end the best managers have the best players. Yes, an ill-fitting manager can drag good players down, too. That leads to the allure of Rafa who, instead of taking over a ready made club that just needed some tweaks, came to Newcastle to build something from the ground up.
  8. its been revealed that Masters would regularly speak to reps of the Big 6 before the general PL meeting involving all the clubs so there has been a precedent set for the more exclusive meeting to discuss PL issues
  9. I would hope that the consortium would stick to their earlier statements: that the club would look to rebuild the infrastructure, develop youth to compete for first team and invest locally. That would all take a fair amount of time and money so I would hope they wouldn't start just buying up players and throwing money around foolishly. If they were to stick to the plan and add 1-2 key acquisitions over the next few years i think we could appreciate that. I'd much rather be more like Leicester and less like Chelski.
  10. Full disclosure? You bet its pressure.
  11. Ashley knows something we don't. If he's not accepting offers from anyone else then he has to know that the deal is still possible and PCP/PIF have offered more than anyone else would. We all know he wants out. We all know that he is impatient as fuck so there has to be something pretty good keeping him in this deal. I think the first key date is when we are mathematically assured of staying in the EPL. I would hope that things start moving at that point. If it remains quiet, that speak volumes, IMO. Regarding any damaging evidence I've a sneaking suspicion it may just be a blu
  12. Merge this thread with the Takeover Thread and let those that want to, duke it out. Create a new thread for verified takeover news only (if/when there is any). I check BOTH threads and scan them just in case there is some breaking news. It's a painful experience as we all know.
  13. was drinking coffee when I read this and spit it all over my keyboard
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