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  1. I don't watch us very closely these days, but Lewis being bad really stands out to me.
  2. The club is dead. Fuck it all.
  3. Bruce looks like a dad who raced from work to coach his son's youth team. Similar level of management too.
  4. Good article on Saudi Arabia: https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2020/06/saudi-arabia-taxes-coronavirus-pandemic/612493/ I hate that this matters now, although I suppose it's no worse than caring about the Sports Direct share price.
  5. There's no doubt it's a problem and they would be at the bottom of a list of ideal mega-billionaires if we could choose. The suggestion that all billionaires are bad carries a bit of truth, but it's also a cop out. Few rise to the level of the Saudis in terms of their beliefs, practices, and human rights violations. In general and particularly right now the world is in shambles. As an American we have thousands dying, millions unemployed, exorbitant or unavailable health insurance, a huge and growing wealth gap with horrible poverty mere miles from me, and a constant assault on the truth f
  6. I've had some games on in the background, but this the first half I've really watched in awhile. Pretty much what I expected. Almiron is fucking terrible.
  7. The six wins in a row in the second half of that season with Ba-Cisse-HBA up front was probably the highlight of the Ashley era, despite the fact Pardew was manager. That included an incredible half away to West Brom, Carroll's return to SJP and Enrique in goal, a counter-attacking masterclass away to Swansea, and Ben Arfa's wonderful goal against Bolton. Then we got hammered by Wigan 4-0 and lost 3 out of 4 to finish the season, only saved by Cisse's miraculous goals at Stamford Bridge. It's been pretty much downhill since then with only a slight blip from Rafa. I just want to care again
  8. timeEd32

    George Caulkin

    I hope the Athletic makes it. They've hired a lot of quality talent in America and now pushing into football.
  9. Here's my final draft team -- 8 team league with Togga scoring... -----------Pickford-------------- ----TAA------Duffy-------Chilwell -Eriksen-Bernardo-Tielemans-Lanzini ----Origi----Rashford----King---- Bench: Barkley, McNeil, Holebas, Adams, Stones, Lamela Got Origi and Lamela in the last two rounds as it looks like they may start this weekend. One will be replaced by Pepe next week. Quite happy with this as long as Eriksen stays in the country.
  10. Imagine how fun this week might have been if the takeover had been real.
  11. Kind of hate Fantrax (really miss Togga), but it's the only site right now that offers all the customization we need.
  12. Draft is the only way to play, ideally with money on the line. The official FPL game is so lame - everyone ends up with largely the same team.
  13. Almost done with our draft for this season. 8 team league with Togga scoring on Fantrax. Quite happy with how things went (with the 8th pick)... Bernardo Alexander Arnold Eriksen Rashford Tielemans Chilwell King Barkley Duffy Lanzini Holebas McNeil Adams Pickford + Pepe as I'll be adding him with my waiver priority.
  14. Got to agree with this like. Anything to keep that shit house out of the team is worth it. That can't be the way decisions are made man Isn't that exactly the way decisions are made?
  15. I wish we knew what would get him to leave so I could root for that outcome. Is it another year or two in the PL to maximize the sale price? Or getting stuck in the Championship? Or crashing a division or two below that? Or is he here until he's dead?
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