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  1. My apologies guys, seeing my posts back to back like that in ShearerGol's post is genuinely enlightening. Really didn't realize that all I've been doing is shitting on this for months
  2. OK. I'm gonna add you to the list of people who pretend to be ITK. Thanks. feel free.
  3. Shouldn't have said "dead in the water" tbh, as it was a bit of an exaggerated/ emotive take on what I've been hearing. From what information I've been privvy to, PIF do not see this as a 'priority deal' and their interest in this is wearing very thin. A quick and successful arbritration result may help of course but the general impression is that this deal is highly unlikely to go ahead.
  4. Dead in the water, so I've been told
  5. Looks shite on paper but if we're continuing with the high press there's, at least theoretically, enough "legs" in that side to carry it out. Absolutely no goal threat though and, as usual, it seems we're giving the opposition way too much respect.
  6. I think most people are overestimating the importance of this deal going through for PIF.
  7. Yes! Mike[/member] Beren[/member]
  8. McCormick

    Jamal Lewis

    Nah I think he's a lot better than what he's shown so far. A "modern" full-back is probably the most complex position on the field to get a grips of; a lot is expected positionally in attack and defence but he's been hung out to dry by our archaic /clueless coaching methods and drills.
  9. I like him tbh, bit more bite and mobility in midfield is what we're sorely lacking. Like I've said before, he'd be our best midfielder in terms of his overall game.
  10. Oh nice. Just bought a brand new Rolex Daytona (don't even want to say/ remind myself how much it cost me) and it's heartening to know that my "I bought it as an investment" spiel may actually ring true
  11. Choudhury is probably better than everything we have in the middle right now tbh. Isn't saying much considering we have, collectively, the worst cm options in the premier league.
  12. My thoughts are with the families. Christ 2021 off to a great start. Rest in peace, Allah yer7amoha.
  13. 3 of the flight attendants on that flight were really good friends of mine. Absolutely devastated by this, don't really know what to say :(
  14. If anyone wants to lose their shit, have a listen to Jamie Redknapp on Bruce and our fans' expectations.
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