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  1. jack j

    Takeover Thread

    They must gets thousands of tags every fucking day man . Aye but they've never had one from Billy from benwell yet. Wont ignore him
  2. jack j

    Takeover Thread

    Good idea, I'll do it. I'll report back shortly what they answer to me. Champion remember to use them elusive words. "One of your member clubs"
  3. jack j

    Takeover Thread

    Somebody needs to tag the premier league on twitter about making a decision. Thats when we will find out the answer. In fact post it 50 times just to make sure
  4. Given there have been a never end borage of shite over the last 11 weeks, I'd argue that's a good thing. Everytime it has claimed to be close its went quiet for a few days til some other stumbling block comes out ha
  5. Well it's gone quiet again. Still be waiting this time next month nee doubt
  6. It feels like every journo under the sun is suddenly tweeting positive things based purely on the piracy stuff that came out yesterday. I'm not convinced, still, that any of them have any information. Yeah I'm sort of leaning that way a bit. Feels like they've made the same connection fans have to the piracy news, not necessarily heard anything. But I'd love to be wrong What other connection could there be though? This may be quite negative, but what if they have intially failed the tests? And this tougher stance on piracy and buying up shares in BT etc. Is a sort of lo
  7. Anyone else do throw ins on bet 365 on the bet builders. Only on tv games like
  8. Alfy Peanuts from westerhope He still going
  9. So let's all do nowt and carry on funding it! Not for me no thanks I cant do fuck all to change it though. As much as I'd like to think I can. Dare I say it, even if we had been taken over the atmosphere still would have been shit half the time That's just the way I look at football as a whole thesedays . Just need to look at man city's support tbh
  10. The atmosphere today sounded shit The atmosphere last season was 99% shit Its modern day football and it's a club that's stuck in a depression.
  11. Football is a lot more popular than it was in the 80s and it is attracted to a wider more varied audience. In the 80s it was mainly a sport attended by young men. Now its families, women kids etc. The more militant types then probably wouldn't be Welcome thesedays. It's ok sitting on the internet slagging fuck out of everyone but it's not going to change fuck all. Stop worrying about what other people do. They arent killing the club by going to the game. Mike Ashley is killing it stone dead and there is nowt anyone can do about it
  12. I have seen pictures of the corner and sections of it at the back were deserted. Top of the gallowgate. Them the leazes behind the goal and level 7...
  13. It was alot emptied than people are saying imo. 41k I reckon. Which by standards of usual that is quite a gap
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