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    This costume needs more racism, but a non sequitur. What can we do? Dreadlocks.
  2. I've never really paid attention--just go on autopilot and it's open. Now that this is in my head, the next time I try to open something is bound to be an absolute shit show of weird stances and elbow angles.
  3. I'm Certainly Convinced It's Too Far Beyond Meat brand, plant-based, protein patties have quite the unique aftertaste.
  4. All the members of the Wu-Tang Clan are now at least 50. Super.
  5. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand . . . now I'm remembering @Froggy rims ants. Fuck my brain.
  6. Can't get enough of Ameritoon's disdain for DE.
  7. N-O Chat: "The Little Things in Life" B-more's stupid fucking head: "Ants"
  8. B-more Mag


    And I'm now forced to contemplate that there's also a cuckolding element at play.
  9. B-more Mag


    Looks like 6-16 days, according to this. My blood still feels a-ok, but, then again, I'm only four days in. Of course, I'm also not a woman.
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