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  1. BeloEmre


    No doubt he’s useless, but singel out a player after a game like this is just stupid. Everyone without exception was shit today.
  2. Seven players this round and Raphinha as captain.
  3. People have said that before every of the last 6-7 games. I don’t think he will even be close to be sacked if we lose today.
  4. BeloEmre


    Come on. Please.
  5. BeloEmre

    Rafa Benítez

    Kieron Dyer really is thick as mince Played for the club for years under one of the greatest managers ever, know the club and what the fans want and still produce shit like that. Crazy.
  6. Yep. I have Johnstone, and he’s got eight points so far with two bonus points still to be added. Didn’t get any points for either of the pens.
  7. “Like we obviously played Leeds at St James’ Park about a month ago now, and that Rodrigo fella was in the middle mate and he was meant to be playing centre-midfield and he was just all over the place,” Shelvey said. “I said to him ‘geez can you just stand still for one minute, because you’re just running around like a nutcase.’ Some of it was just pointless running as well and he goes ‘I must do, I must do, my manager says I must do.’ “I couldn’t play for Leeds,” Shelvey concluded. No shit, Sherlock.
  8. So difficult picking captain this round. Have Salah, Fernandes, Sterling, DCL and Kane who i all feel can be a good choice. Probably ending up with Salah or Kane.
  9. Carroll and Gayle up front in 2021. It would be a new low even for us.
  10. Calm down mate. There's every reason to be worried about Fulham. Naive to not be worried at all. Doubt people are prepared to jump off a bridge quite yet though. They have won 3 out of 23 games. Calm down.
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