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  1. Essentially the inverse of the players we saw way too little of thread. Mike Williamson has 150 appearances for our club. Feel like Ryan Taylor was playing here way past when he should have. Don’t think Alan Smith contributed anything at all during his time here yet has 80+ appearances. Obertan? Feel like he was given far too many chances Big Shoals - #1 on the list for sure Hopefully there are enough for me to have warranted making a thread.
  2. Just saw Heat for the first time the other day, too. Thought it was good. Little mellow dramatic in parts but that’s me nitpicking. There’s an early version of the film made in the 80s called LA Takedown on Youtube. It’s pretty much exactly the same dialog, just with a worse budget and actors. Was very funny to watch.
  3. Think it’s just that they’re missing Jimenez. They were in around the top 10 when he was playing.
  4. Gary Neville is such an idiot saying this would be a bad game.
  5. Antonio looks like such a tough player to play against. There are many big players out there like Traore for instance, but he doesn’t use his body nearly as well as Antonio does.
  6. Feel like Hughton will get the job when he’s done with club football.
  7. Ref letting a lot go. Thought the Suarez one was worth a look as well.
  8. Astroblack

    Hip hop fans

    Nas won his first Grammy last night for King’s Disease.
  9. They really need to pad up advertising boards or something.
  10. Absolutely brilliant save by McGreggor for Rangers.
  11. It's the opposite for me. I couldn't care less about what Steam Engine Hank Travis put in Windmill Randy Horsedung's kit bag at the Knoxville Gymnasium Hall in April 1979. Cornette's rants about modern wrestling though are incredibly soothing. He has such a great way with words and his ability to keep going for minutes at a time without stopping for breath always impresses me. His promos on Harpo McFingerfuck are better than anything in modern wrestling.
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