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  1. hakka

    Joe Willock

    Love Willock. If we are ever going to drop Joelinton sort of money again then this lad is where it should be spent.
  2. Maybe, but Corbyn genuinely seemed to give a shit and seemed like he could never be bought. It felt so refreshing, I cared for that a lot aspect. Any Labour leader that comes in and tries left / centre left policies will end up with the same astonishing, sustained and brutal attacks from MSM and from within Labour itself that Corbyn got, because the very rich and powerful are not going to let it happen. It shows how shite Starmer has been that he's had none of that abuse yet he's still managed to go backwards.
  3. Dogshit from Neymar that free kick.
  4. Someone is going to get seriously injured by PSG. This is dirty as fuck from them.
  5. Neymar is useless in this game.
  6. Outstanding everywhere really. Seems inevitable they will go on to win this with this form.
  7. Only Sterling and G.Jesus coming on to help punish them further lol.
  8. Foden... so close! The turn control move was class too.
  9. City's pressing is outstanding.
  10. hakka

    Returnal - PS5

    Need a demo. I like the concept when I read about it, but clips underwhelm me.
  11. That's exactly how I felt. It didn't look very next-gen to me too. Just looks like a poor PS4 game. A demo would seriously help me understand where I'm wrong.
  12. Classic bluster and distraction techniques from Johnson. Not a single bit of his response is addressing the comments put to him by Starmer.
  13. Patriotism is so broad a term it can simply mean blind love and respect for your country, and that's what has been played on by the right. Turn arguments against your policy and rethroic to somehow be an unpatriotic view point. I think this country has lost identity that unites us as it's changed so much in 40 years that it hasn't updated a definition and blue print that we can all say we are proud to be behind. I really like that list of bullets as it's a means to understand that being British is about setting a standard and having a vision that sees making the world a better place throu
  14. Maybe I'm going mad, but swear that "bodies piled high" was reported last year when it happened. Word for word I've heard that been reported as Mr Johnson's lockdown comment from back then. Way more than a feeling of dejavu.
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