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  1. Full expect a barrage of negative comments, but great analysis from Russel Brand. Yes, I said it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ggsqrqoWyc
  2. This forum is starting to become as grim as Ashley reign. Every single thing about the club is dead. Even when someone brings the slightest bit of hope, the forum kicks into keyboard warrior gear. Actually very impressive how thoroughly negative it is
  3. Preparation for championship underway
  4. Not enough posts in a page - before paging. Is there a setting to change?
  5. Has anyone let Luke Edwards know takeover is still on?
  6. So are we all agreed the takeover is still in play?
  7. As crap as this thread has become... Constantly talking about how crap this thread is, is also tiresome (i get the irony)
  8. What is arbitration for then?
  9. He just admitted he has little managerial ability...ie out of his depth and forced to go to basics
  10. Would listing the club on the LSE be a workaround? Shares are purchased/sold in open market... Just a shower thought I had 😀
  11. I would love it if a reporter asked: "Steve, if you could push a button and be safe in the league for eternity - without ever playing football - would you do it?" There is more to all this than just scraping points...
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