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  1. maze

    Takeover Thread

    Surely, by this time next year you have moved on to engage in more productive activities then Ashley's NUFC? My subscription for EPL expires on the 12th of May. I won't be renewing. So, I'll give it to the start of the upcoming season for Mike Ashley to sell. If he's still here... I'm not.
  2. maze


    Well, as I’ve said earlier: If the takeover happens this summer, then fine… I’m all for survival. However, nothing suggests such a thing will happen in the near future…if ever, at least not in my life time! So, with that in mind I’d rather have another club surviving… at least they try… eventhough they’re shit…
  3. ManU fans on TV says they hope for new owners from the middle east…..watch PIF getting approved. No need for any tests…. Are you a top six side? Do what the fuck you want…
  4. Free pass to the top six. No sanctions awaits…
  5. Clever fans. They know PIF is looking to invest in PL.
  6. maze


    IF (Big IF here) the club gets taken over during the next couple of months, then survival has been all worth it. If not (and this is most likely) Mike Ashley is still here next season then I couldn't care less for the outcome. It will be another season with them same shit served for well over a decade.
  7. In the context of «If I am going to choose one of them». Other than that you are right.
  8. Hopefully Chelsea will take this!
  9. Robbed for the win. Fuck ESL. Fuck Liverpool.
  10. Perfect. Give ESL what they want.
  11. What is the [ph] after each thread title?
  12. Need-old-layout-back. someone... Quickly create retro.newcastle-online.org plz. far too fancy shit this stuff. Damn you high-tech youths
  13. I feel so naked without the |’s
  14. Would take some doing mind, I reckon we could get a draw with 7 men. Wait for it. Bruce says "Challange accepted".
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