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  1. Probably nowt in it but brother knows someone from the club shop and everything has massive reductions and they have sold a lot of their stock. Apparently made £55k last week, most they have made in a long time. Maybe something in the takeover talks and ashley's trying to flog everything before he goes. Probably not but here's hoping
  2. The Terrace on the corner of Fossgate. Cheers mate
  3. I'm not sure if i'm allowed to ask this on here and I know its probably a bit of a long shot but I'm down in York this weekend with the Mrs. If anyone is from this area do you know of any pubs in York city center with the foreign channels that might be showing our game on Saturday?
  4. tyler182

    What's on fire?

    Could see the smoke from this at NE23 when I went out for my dinner, must be a canny good fire
  5. tyler182

    Players in public

    Not a player as such but Sunday after the Liverpool game I went to Heighley Gate garden center with the Mrs. I was still wearing my Newcastle shirt just browsing the plants and stuff when I heard someone behind me say 'so how many did we get beat by'. I turned around and it was Sir John Hall. We chatted for a few minutes about the game, I told him Carrol was quiet when he came on and he said, aye he's too laid back that lad. I asked him if he thought Ashley would spend the Carrol money. In his words he answered 'He wants out, he's trying to sell'. I know this isn't new information and we all k
  6. I was at the game on Sunday and the guy who has sat in front of me for the past three seaons mentioned that he knows a football agent and we have been trying to negotiate with Spurs to get Keane on a season long loan. I thought nothing of it but maybe there is something in this. Probably isn't like but it's nice to dream.
  7. Some cracking old pictures of Newcastle in this facebook group. Brings back a few memories http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5392153&id=711621074&op=10&view=global&subj=356770076261&oid=356770076261&fbid=384613991074
  8. RIP Sir Bobby A football legend and a true gent. Will be hugely missed
  9. I heard that he's on about £1k a week. Not bad for an 18 year old
  10. Yep, got the 3 year DD scheme, even if I had not gone gone down that route would have still renewed regardless. Looking forward to next season
  11. I would love to give blood, i've got the rarest blood group but I had a blood transfusion about 7 years ago and a few people have told me I can't donate. Shame really
  12. tyler182

    Where do you sit?

    I stand in the singing section, Leazes corner
  13. tyler182

    Players in public

    My brother goes to uni but also has a part-time job at Burger King at the airport. Last Sunday he was working and he served Andy Reid, he ordered two meals for himself without drinks, Double Whopper meal and a Chicken Royal meal. He alo said in person he does look a little chunky
  14. Distance Div Club Name Postcode Ticket Office Web 10.63 miles PR Newcastle United Football Club NE1 4ST 0191 261 1571 16.79 miles PR Sunderland AFC SR5 1SU 0845 671 1973 33.75 miles L1 Hartlepool United Football Club TS24 8BZ 0142 924 2233 40.75 miles PR Middlesbrough Football Club TS3 6RS 0844 557 1875 42.86 miles L2 Darlington Football Club DL2 1DL 0132 538 7000 55.00 miles L1 Carlisle United Football Club CA1 1LL 0122 852 6237 59.49 miles SCP Gretna DG16 5AP 0146 133 7602 84.53 miles SCP Hibernian Football Club EH7 5QG 0131 661 1875 85.36 miles SCP Heart Of Midloth
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