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  1. A little crumb of comfort is seeing the likes of Simon Jordan, Dan Wooton and Martin Daubney get enraged that filthy lefty Muzzie Sadiq Khan has been re-elected.
  2. www.nufcmemorabilia.com / @Retro_NUFC on Twitter
  3. Bought this absolute bobby dazzla from NUFC Memorabilia the other month. Had it in short sleeves with Asprilla on as a bairn.
  4. Anneliese Dodds is no great loss. I've curled out logs with more about them than her.
  5. Priti Useless is busy packing her bags to go over there, congratulate them and do a dodgy deal now they're on the green list.
  6. You can name as many names as you want, but I'm not sure I can list any politicians right across the political spectrum at the minute who are anything more than "just above average". Burnham's probably the best of a very mediocre bunch as far as Labour are concerned.
  7. In most of England they are. The colonies don't seem to have much time for them though.
  8. Is that Patrick Roberts as in went-on-loan-to-Celtic-from-Man-City-and-was-tipped-for-greatness-Patrick-Roberts?
  9. Just happened to watch that and came in to link it. Canny little documentary and really emphasises the contempt in which the Premier League hold fans.
  10. He’ll be in a right state this morning. Waking up bleary-eyed in bed, surrounded by discarded butter wrapping and empty packets of Billy Bear ham. Bet poor Janet was relegated to the sofa while he enjoyed his night of lust in peace.
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