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  1. Gash

    What are you eating?

    A relatively healthy patatas bravas, I'm doing the Slimming World...
  2. The Fault in Our Stars - What a load of shite
  3. Watched it the other day, reiterating: So Wes Anderson but so, so good.
  4. Got £10 on Germany £10 on Spain and Holland to score.
  5. Kind of gutted about Cesc going to Chelsea but at the same time he's not needed at Arsenal.
  7. Gash

    Your Pet Hates

    People/Cunts that insist on walking all the way through the empty train with their oversized suitcase just to find their reserved seat.
  8. This beauty. http://www.highsnobiety.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/herschel-america-mountain-bag-0.jpg
  9. Gash

    What are you eating?

    Ate at Ferdinand's restaurant, Rosso, yesterday. Was class and very reasonable.
  10. Gash

    The photo thread

    Been an age since I've been in this thread, this is absolutely stunning. Still improving at a great rate Skirge!!
  11. Gash

    The photo thread

    Anybody got an opinion of the Nikon D3100? I had my D5000 stolen that I got about a year ago and I'm looking to replace it with a similarly priced camera. I've seen this deal - http://www.jessops.com/online.store/products/81730/show.html
  12. 'John Tucker Must Die' - hey here's an American mould fill it. Yawn.
  13. Moonrise Kingdom - 8/10 - loved it, brilliant story and wonderfully eccentric! On the Sly - 5/10 - dull, you can't make art films for children The Angels' Share - 9/10 - not seen a film bringing out so many enotions and so brilliant for ages. Great work from Ken Loach!
  14. Gash

    What mood are you in?

    Excited, en route to Newcastle for my first visit and a night out!
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