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  1. I’ve never wanted someone to keel over more than this useless fat cunt.
  2. Didn’t someone do a masterpiece for the football in paint thread of that pic?
  3. Hopefully some of these cunts will follow Phil to the pearly gates
  4. It gives me great hope for my own dreams that Eric Choupo Moting is starting in the CL in 2021
  5. Kudos to Norwich, they’ve been absolutely superb. They’re a good side and have a fantastic youth set up.
  6. Hopefully it’s a Phoenix club. I’d be all in.
  7. Aye. They’ll be able to bully their way to 1/2-0 no bother
  8. Honestly, it’s fucking unbelievable how much he’s loathed - because most around him demand better - yet he’s still in post.
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