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  1. Imagine being coached off of Andy Carroll, he's the living example of how not to train as a footballer
  2. Not sure if I prefer "battered minge" or "mangled clunge", both horrifically visual.
  3. TaylorJ_01


    Not sure how folk can complain about people not following guidelines, then worry about they'll act when there are no guidelines.
  4. And they always seem to get chased with machetes
  5. I absolutely loved Bullseye for that. Two completely dull, fat old geezers from Bolton winning an immensely powerful speedboat. Plus they got all the other mini prizes that were either shite, random or massive - patio furniture, an 80kg fridge and a tagine.
  6. I've got the Samsung A42 5G. Pretty good, mostly bought it for the huge 5000mAh battery because my old one was shit. Only has a 720p resolution but not really bothered. The battery is crazy good, even with the huge screen.
  7. Yeah I don't know what's expected, not like people will read about the wallpaper and switch from Tory to Labour. Vaccination rollout will be outweighing any sort of negatives about that kind of thing.
  8. That's probably one of the more grim things I've read. It's pure evil like that I can never understand at all.
  9. "Whoever that star singer is is world class" Aye, it's Freddie Mercury
  10. Indeed. All that's happened is they've learned how not to do it. The idea that they've changed their opinions due to the uproar is completely laughable. These people well never change, they need forced out.
  11. I'm in Edinburgh now, but from Glasgow. Generally everyone hates the old firm for a variety of reasons, but absolutely understands they can't live without them. Most clubs only survive due to the old firm payday, and one of the main aims of making it into the 'split' is for the additional games vs Rangers and Celtic. Scotland without those two is a much more dire situation than England without the 'big six'. England have some enormous clubs outside the big six, we have absolutely nothing. The teams are broke, there are no fans, there's no TV money. The European spots would vanish too.
  12. He presumably wants a new job, release the PR! He'll end up as non-executive chairman of someone random in the championship.
  13. Noticed that, quite interesting. He's pretty scary tbf.
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