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  1. And ridiculously loads of press claim he is a shit manager
  2. Not really- Can’t allow an assault to go unpunished even with this provocation
  3. The confusing thing about that for me is that kluivert was pretty knackered at that point and always injured. Plus could barely move. So not sure how he could really have played more despite being technically excellent while he was here
  4. Anyone saying shearer. Give your head a wobble he doesn’t deserve to be in this thread with these nothing men Yes he should have been phased out for sporting reasons- but this balanced with the record makes it all worth it and he deserves to have that place in the clubs history
  5. tgarve

    Jacob Murphy

    Hopefully will come good by 35
  6. tgarve


    People need to chill the fuck out man- imagine being 18 and unable to meet your friends in a social setting for so long. Can’t deny people wanting to go out when things are open What’s the alternative staying in forever
  7. Absolute bollocks. number one the players number 2 it’s better to have it than nothing - for fucks sake at least the football is semi something to look forward to at the moment number 3 it’s likely because of vaccines and being the summer places will be open so again nice to have this why do some people just want nothing for years for fucks sake miserable fuckers even with no fans and no places to go that would say we are stuck inside and again it would still be good to enjoy inside
  8. tgarve


    The way it’s reported is 100% they try and encourage divisiveness on news especially the headlines
  9. tgarve


    100% each and everyone entitled to their opinion and personal circumstances mate hope goes all ok- just worries me the media these days and want to get out of this situation
  10. tgarve


    Sorry this lass I was talking to is 30+ and also there’s about a 1 in a million chance of a side effect so they do but again it’s scaremongering by the media
  11. tgarve


    I’m not denying your worry and I’m sorry I’m fresh out of talking to a co worker who now is refusing the vaccine because of this blood clot news saying it’s not safe. she’s making my blood boil with stupidity Just think people should stop making medical statements / basing their views on hearsay and individual reports from individual people rather than scientists and proven information Hope your brother is ok man 👍
  12. tgarve


    Absolute nailed on scientific facts there mate in a testing pool of 1 person. Stay well away from it
  13. tgarve

    Emil Krafth

    Are you kidding
  14. tgarve


    I’m joking before you kill me for saying that
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