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  1. So much milage in that meme.
  2. Someone should photoshop Masters head on Ralph Wiggum. "You can actually see the moment when NUFC's safety was guaranteed"
  3. Like us all, waiting for Mouth of the Tyne to give us the ITK team news.
  4. We saw with Pardew that despite horrific runs of form, his position was never under threat.
  5. I think the answer is that he's shown that he's OK-ish at a lower level. His personal man management of players has done enough in the early period at clubs to give him some sort of a reputation. He definitely did ok at Birmingham, relatively. League One is where he should have been all his career. In 2021, he should be nowhere near the PL or The Championship.
  6. I suppose he could try to argue that but in my opinion it's a very thin argument as we all know what football is like. There is always someone willing to take the job on, regardless of the circumstances.
  7. I'd wish him all the luck in the world if his defence was to say that he couldn't afford anyone else. We'd probably hear the PL and their legal team laughing from here.
  8. James said he would sue for being relegated. I don't believe he can do that. There might be other reasons that Mike can claim loss of income due to the failed takeover but I believe James' idea of suing for being relegated was non sensical as the response would be (tongue in cheek of course), "why did you hire Steve Bruce and then keep him when the team was clearly struggling? "
  9. Someone should photoshop his arm pointing either towards himself or an image of Ashley.
  10. I'm perhaps in the minority but I'm not minding Keith's Tweets. As I look at it, my club is dead to me anyway, I care very little about football nowadays in general so if this all falls flat then I've not lost anything other than the last chance to try to get back into it all.
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