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  1. Strange fight, tbh. Saunders did very well at times, but had no interest in sitting down on any of his punches, and Canelo was happy to throw single power shots as he has done against most of his better opponents. I think he might have broken his orbital bone, very unnatural amount of swelling under that eye that wasn't developing before that one big Canelo round.
  2. I expect Billie Joe to go the distance, but he doesn't have the talent/ability to beat Canelo imo and would not get the cards on Cinco de Mayo weekend in Dallas, regardless.
  3. I do not think Leicetser have been playing too well recently, tbh, Kelechi has been remarkably efficient around the box and their defense is very strong, but Vardy, Maddison, Ricardo, Perez, etc. are off-form/not scoring goals. If Newcastle play the way they did in April, not the rubbish against Arsenal, there is a good chance they can get a result here, imo. Put Saint-Maximin, Almiron, Willock, and Wilson on the pitch in whatever formation, let Leicester have the ball, and counter quickly when it's won back. Like most, though, I am not too concerned with the result here, any posit
  4. I actually quite like Mbappe, Kimpembe, and Navas, but it would cause me an inordinate amount of joy to this squad, assembled with billions and given two separate world class managers, lose the CL and Coupe de France, finish behind Lille/PSG, and end the season with nothing.
  5. Great goal by NUFC old boy Haidara for Lens today. Just promoted from the second tier and very good chance they go to Europa league next season, sitting ahead of OM now.
  6. Cisse. He'd been held in much higher regard if he had left like Ba and Remy. A sharp decline and long period of abject performances unfortunately. I'd wish to remember him as the shining light that nearly sent the club to CL football in 2012. From the current squad: Gayle. There is no reason for him to be here; he is still here. Now he has a new contract. There is no reason for any of this.
  7. Son scored his solo goal against Burnley also. They are great at defending balls in the air, but all of the back four and midfield are slow and back off. Saint-Maximin is a special player. All that is stopping him from becoming a world class player are injuries are whtever vestiges of the "bad attitude" reputation and/or actions he still has attached him. Hopefully it can be accomplished at NUFC, with a real manager.
  8. How many times in your time watching football have you seen an indirect free-kick given for a dangerous play in the box? Dangerous play in the box, especially with contact, in the box is just a penalty in most cases. Tarkowski has just blatantly kicked a 6 foot tall player in the head. Denying the penalty is a ludicrous decision.
  9. The recent versions of Barcelona always seem to lack athleticism, intensity, and solidity when playing against other top sides.
  10. I disagree with this. It seems quite silly to me. Just play the game to it's natural conclusion or call it a draw if it is too much for pitchers to take.
  11. No, the club has been relegated twice in recent memory, and any positive changes that resulted were exceedingly temporary. These were fortunate times as well; the lower divisions are where "big clubs" go to die, and become "small clubs" within a generation. When some people say they want the club to go down, there is an element of optimism in the statement, as though this a just rewards for its current stewards that will lead to a brighter future, free of conmen like Ashley and Bruce, reborn as a competitive entity. The reality may be significantly bleaker than that. The club may slide into th
  12. BBC has pronounced "Iheanacho" about five different ways, all of them incorrect. Leicester are such an impressive side. They have depth in every position, equal to any of the top sides. Justin, Barnes, and Maddison all injured, Vardy not scoring, and still capable of performances like that. Juxtaposed against what happens when Wilson, Saint-Maximin and Almiron are unavailable or off-form.
  13. Funnily enough, two of the moments that made me despise VAR the most were decisions against Spurs. The one last year where a Kane goal was disallowed because a Sheffield United player blatantly fouled Lucas Moura causing the ball to tap his forearm and the Dier handball nonsense from the NUFC match earlier this season. The corruption of the rules around handballs, penalties, red cards, etc. to suite to realities of VAR are significantly more concerning than offside calls, imo. The one aspect of VAR I do not really mind is offside calls that can be seen with the naked eye, as was the case with
  14. I think people confuse "would not" or "could not" get made with vigorous complaints arising on social media sites and the show continuing to do well with its loyal audience regardless. Outsize importance is always seemingly given to irrelevant people with the ability to type in these scenarios.
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