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  1. One of the most important game of our season. Zero touches in their box, no urgency, not a single cross, no shot and 22% possession after 25 minutes. It's amazing how awful we are
  2. 21 goals in 7 years against Dortmund. The only team he has scored more goal against in his career is Wolfsburg (24). Imagine losing your best player to your biggest rival on free and he bags them in every time...
  3. Steve Bruce on Liverpool: "They're a very very very good side, we know what to expect and we need to go out there and perform like we did against Manchester City." This just about sums him up and what we are reduced to. As a Newcastle fan I've gotten used to the pain and hopelessness over the years, still had to google and make sure he actually said this. 12% possession in the second half, not being able to string 2 passes together and parking the bus absolutely praying for our very lives is us playing well these days. That's it guys.... I'm out
  4. :lol: :lol: Was just rewatching The Office this week!
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    Wow, that's turbo shite EA's new Ufc game cover is in similar fashion. https://i.redd.it/o2bzaljhcf951.jpg
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    Die Bundesliga

    Been excellent this season. Was set to retire (turning 35 in June) but been putting in a good shift as a centre-back in a 3 man defense with Dortmund only conceding 1 goal in their last 6 matches. Dortmund legend
  7. I'm definitely gonna buy it, but probably not excited as I thought I'd be. I really wish they had kept the old turn-based gameplay, I get that they want to appeal to a younger generation and expand their brand to new players, rather than just remake a game mostly for people in their 30s. But then looking at Persona it has been a huge critical and commercial success and shows that oldschool turn-based rpgs are can still do very well in this era. They could have tried to innovate, modernized the system making some small changes on the way. Don't think anyone would have complained like. If I want
  8. FFS Shelvey, like ten terrible passes in a row
  9. Played through the demo. Overall I thought it was really good with the visuals and design being spot on and the voice acting solid enough. Thought I'd end up hating the action-based combat, but towards the end I was enjoying it and the boss fight was a lot of fun. Still would have preferred the original turn-based style like. My main gripe with the game is that the camera felt really wonky, didn't follow the character like I'd want it to and in combat it was sometimes harder to have a clear overview of things than needed to be. Think the game would benefit a lot from a larger FOV, mayb
  10. Should have just charged at the goal and let it fly. Bust-up or not, Maximin was furious out on the wing with that wasted possession. You can just see on the body language of our players that they are tired of the shite football we are playing.
  11. Meunier and Verratti both suspended for the second leg. Emre Can was a good pickup for Dortmund, probably been the best player tonight. Him and Witsel are a really solid midfield pairing alongside all the attacking players they got.
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