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  1. My score was similar to the judges tbh. I gave Saunders 5 and 7, and the first even as nothing happened. Neither guy was doing a great deal of note. Saunders was trying to spam the pitty pat jab and Canelo was only throwing occasional 1s and 2s. Canelo was landing the harder shots which I prefer. Saunders was always going to fold when he stepped it up though.
  2. Canelo went out of 2nd gear for a round and Saunders quits.
  3. By today’s rules it’s clearly a red.
  4. I thought 1917 was great. Hacksaw Ridge I switched off halfway through because it was so cliched.
  5. There's a new crypto called cumrocket as well, people call them cummies. I can't see it having a future.
  6. The saddest thing to me is deep down he knows it’s not good for him. He had a heart attack a few years ago and he said in hospital that he was going to stop reading the daily mail because he knows it’s designed to work the readers up. That lasted about a week. It’s an addiction, he’s constantly checking it and browsing the headlines because he doesn’t want to miss any.
  7. Guy walks like he’s shit himself. I have to say though, the Tuk Tuk is a vote winner for me.
  8. I agree that a large chunk of traditional labour voters (older ones) are gone for good. My dad switched to the Tories over Brexit and labour to him may as well be an invading species, he hated Starmer's guts before he knew anything about him. He really makes no distinction between Corbyn and Starmer, and he won't make a distinction if a new leader is put in place. It's not just Brexit either, he's become more and more extreme in his views in recent years, as during his retirement he's been reading bullshit news literally dozens of times a day. He's become more and more obsessed with stories of
  9. Well at least he hasn't had his little kid punch Canelo in the balls yet.
  10. We’re going backwards in every conceivable metric. I wish I could get praise for that sort of performance.
  11. Fleck knew what he was doing.
  12. They’re furious about it on talksport too. A reality check after they’ve all been pretending to be on the fans side over the ESL.
  13. "Storming of the stadium" ffs. They walked in, it's on camera. The game got postponed, who gives a fuck? The broadcasters and advertisers, that's all.
  14. Souness is such a little shit. Him and Rio are the absolute worst.
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