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  1. Why would a guy working for Castore tell randoms? Not saying it didn't happen, just find it hard to believe it either can't be confirmed by journos or, if they're under an NDA, someone that works for them spouting off in public.
  2. I'd imagine it would be fairly easy for a (proper) journalist to just check with Castore if they've bought the shop or not.
  3. Essentially a similar reason to why we have one transfer rumors thread and one twitter transfer rumors thread. This thread merits its existence as in the other thread you'd get jumped if you were just a tiny bit positive, to the degree there's even spillage over into this thread from people wanting to jump others for being positive.
  4. Streamers rarely have their originals go beyond three seasons as it's not new and shiny and attractive for new subscribers anymore, plus they changed the strategy at Amazon Prime that year to go for more "broadly appealing" shows rather than tight and focused shows.
  5. Hold the bottle in my dominant (right) hand when removing it. Change hands when putting it back on.
  6. He's not "into" politics. However, he's a Birmingham City fan, so there's that.
  7. If the competition is McD or BK then In-N-Out wipes the court with them and then proceed to have a shit all over their dead corpses. If the comparison is other more expensive chains then they're in trouble. Animal fries though... I recall Wendy's not being too shit either, but I've only been there once.
  8. Kaizero


    We're about to "legalize" hard drugs in Norway. Instead of prison/fines if you get caught with drugs on your person that aren't a large quantity (i.e. for sale/distrubution), you get off with going to a mandatory class about the effects of long term drug use. If you fail to show at said class, you get a fine. For coke for instance you can be caught with up to five grams and not get a fine/be arrested.
  9. I'm having issues figuring out how I could put such a strong magnet into a car without it getting stuck/fucking something up
  10. @MikeMy only question with the magnets is this, if they have 90kg pulling power and get stuck on something that's properly stuck (like bridge parts) - how hard would I have to pull to get the magnet loose? It seems unreasonable
  11. I get you. I'm not one to call out anyone, I've seriously contemplated buying a fuck-off powerful magnet to throw off bridges and see what metal it can catch.
  12. Average age of death for Males in Finland around that time: 37 years. Seems legit.
  13. Why do you want to grow it yourself? It seems like such a hassle with the heating shit and everything.
  14. I find it hard to believe these posters can't read a simple sentence such as the thread title, so they're either nor particularily gifted mentally or just want to be dicks for the sake of being a dick. I'm gonna start going into the NFL thread and talk about what films I've recently seen, seeing as that is the thread logic we follow now.
  15. Kaizero


    What do we think the odds are on him deciding to "retire" in Tampa in a few weeks?
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