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  1. I don't think they're great but +500 atm so not in the gutter
  2. Decided to follow Blue Jays in the end. Watched a few games, enjoying it. Not in the same league as NFL but I'm in.
  3. Spoiled all my ballots today, first time ever. Was not comfortable doing especially as I know it's a total waste of time. There were fucking 5 of them or something and I was desperate for a shit so couldn't write FUCK ALL TORY CROOKS on them. Scrawled none and ran. Labour are done for me until they purge the right/centrists/baldricks. An absolute fucking embarrassment.
  4. Started First Law Trilogy. Very early but signs are positive.
  5. Cheers lads. I pay more attention to NFL now anyway, might give it a crack.
  6. How much effort is this FF compared to say the PL one? Quite fancy a crack as do a couple of my mates but not sure if I've got the bandwidth. Is there a monkey version for beginners
  7. Know it's not the right thread exactly but anyone use a good site for tips and form on US sports?
  8. Which part do you recommend? I'm all in for trash but that was a level below trash, whatever that may be.
  9. Wow, a vocalist I can just about stand to listen to? You sunnuva bitch I might be in
  10. Straight up punch to the helmet right in front of the ref, took Mathieu aside for a quiet chat to tell them to calm down
  11. Yeah, certainly for a team with zero run game.
  12. The template is pressure on Allen with 4 up front and don't let the receivers get an inch of separation so he's running for his life with nothing to aim at. Not unlike Mahomes in the SB obviously. Not all teams are going to be able to do it to the level the Chiefs did against us but anyone playing us should be shooting for it as we had/have no plan b. Felt for Allen in that game, for the reasons mentioned above then we made one play that looked like it might start us moving and Singletary dropped a piss easy screen and we were fucked. Something went inside Allen at that point, you co
  13. Quite remarkable considering recent history that most of this was generated by the right wing press. Starmer barely landed a glove publicly though last pmqs Johnson was fucked.
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