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  1. Boebert is just hoping for a pension before she becomes a OAN/Fox/Newsmax talking head.
  2. That's how they keep getting me. It looks wild as a place to fart about. Time flies, C.
  3. I KNOW! I never fucking learn. Fair play 54, I have to tattoo "This isnt for me" on my wallet arm or something. They get me every few years.
  4. Eventually or from the start? It's a mess from the start, imo. It's so airy and light. It feels like canned animations triggering canned animations in npcs. No real feeling of contact. The skill tree looks intriguing but there's too much floatiness.
  5. And the flute. That kept me going. The foxes were ott as fuck.
  6. I absolutely used the blade clean as a tether for my interest, but I never played it on anything other than lethal. Have you tried that yet?
  7. I keep fucking falling for it god damn it.
  8. Brother sitting on the basket like "We...lick the ants." to subdued snickers. You in shorts, knee high socks and a vest with 50 pockets, "Can I?" He hesitates, wondering if he should let you participate in his culture, cause that's always been your step 1 before step 2 being "Give them all whatever AIDS was called in that century" or " just bash their fucking skulls in, it's too hot" but it's all good cause this is a gag. "You know what?" he says with a smile. "You may. You've been cool." He exclaims, while making a sign that the rest of the fam needs to come see what hes gonna get d
  9. Our heritage is hiding the fucking mangoes under a basket and telling the pale faces increasingly absurd shit to see what'll stick to the wall.
  10. State of the facial hair on the nonce in the link. That's the best pic they had.
  11. It's absolute noise as you'd expect.
  12. https://nypost.com/2021/04/14/the-knicks-quest-to-land-zion-williamson-begins-now/
  13. They sell the lie so well. I was shocked to learn he was born rich as well, although I shouldn't have been.
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