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  1. I remember everyone on Twitter saying how we didn’t need a keeper when we brought Dubs in. He was one of the reasons our form picked up so much that season.
  2. Danh1

    Joe Willock

    Cracking player and seems like a good lad too. If there’s no takeover he won’t be here next season. Massive shame, but wish him all the best.
  3. If he’d been fit all season he would have 20 goals. Which is mad considering how shite we’ve been for 95% of the season.
  4. Can’t even enjoy the last 5 minutes of a game we were 4-0 up in with 15 minutes left.
  5. Loving this. After Brendan Rodgers licked Bruce’s fat arse Pre match I hope this is the start of their collapse. Thick, egotistical cunt.
  6. Isn’t it mad how Rafa admits he has been talking to some of the players and we’re now currently 3-0 up at Leicester
  7. Sick of the commentators banging on about Jonny Evans. They have mentioned the cunt every five minutes. Aye losing him was a knock for them, but we have a vastly overweight dinner lady in our dug out to more than even the score.
  8. Have a feeling that second half we will revert to type. 10 men behind the ball inviting pressure on to our shaky defence.
  9. Should be 3-0! That Turkish centre half having an absolute Lionel Blair.
  10. Thoroughly bored of Bruce and NUFC. Just fuck off you obese bellend.
  11. Every time I watch a Wraith live video they always bang on about trolls on Twitter. Aye I get that it’s not nice but fucking hell, change the record man.
  12. Danh1

    Takeover Thread

    As opposed to what we are now and have been for the last 15 years? An absolute non entity of a football club.
  13. Danh1


    Our manager is a fucking coward though. Still thinks Arsenal have Henry and Bergkamp running the show and set us up to let them stroll past us.
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