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  1. You just know the mackems have been worshiping Ba'al, sacrificing their kids as an offering to intervene and relegate NUFC.
  2. Northerngimp

    Joe Willock

    I like this lad a lot, damn shame we cant keep him.
  3. No way this NUFC team get relegated now, it will take a biblical god like intervention for Fulham to catch NUFC.
  4. Locking threads is the new cancel culture
  5. “It’s all about the football,” Scudamore liked to remind people. “Never forget the football.” Thats a bit disturbing reading that quote, that they actually have to remind themselves, it is about the football.
  6. Not so much players but seeing players in wheelie bins and paddling pools for ice baths. We saw too much of that.
  7. Nailed it. "When a Sports entrepreneur buys a soccer club in the North of England and it all goes wrong" Best comedy 2022
  8. Finished Kleptopia by Tom Burgis last week, grim. Started the Murderbot series by Martha Wells. Decent start.
  9. It certainly looked that way a few weeks and months back. I think Bruce has been helped by ASM and Wilson returning, along with Willock getting some goals from midfield. Hopefully we just have to see this season out (dunno how many times ive said that over the past twelve years) and we can all say good bye to Bruce and "fingers crossed" Ashley.
  10. They might go on to fiddle something for the preseason or end of season games as an exhibition.
  11. The only thing stopping these problems from happening again, is Ashley leaving and taking Bruce with him. If it stays the same then its another season of Brucies gloopy porridge football.
  12. Is football back to its usual time tables when this season finishes?
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