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    Don't some doctors say not to take paracetamol as it may inhibit the response and you may not be as well protected. Could be bollocks but I've heard doctors say that. Troll will know though.
  2. It looks great but when I play it I just wish I was playing gta5. Don't think I'll ever get on with it. I'm running it on pc as well with an rtx 3080 so it runs great but just don't like it.
  3. Looks class, but I so think the site is a bit style over substance. One thing I would recommend is listing some of the companies you have worked with before. Explain your experience, you can make it sound awesome if you do so. You can't say R&D comms did this or that but you can say Unclebingo has 23 years experience working with such clients as x or y and name or Unclebingos mate worked with z and b etc. You just need an foot in the door somewhere. This is the hardest part. Leverage your contacts.
  4. He does slow the pace of our game down to be fair. Breaks up our attacks etc
  5. Has too much ability and plays too well for a relegation dogfight you need grit and determination in midfield according to Bruce. We have neither mind
  6. Oxtail is amazing. Looks great. How come you don't have any plates though.
  7. Longhorn Bavette steak with ratatouliee garlic mushrooms and a token salad to shut the wife up. Wasn't allowed to make chips ffs.
  8. And gone ffs, I literally was on the page and its gone now.
  9. Ebuyer have 3090's in stock https://www.ebuyer.com/1121355-asus-geforce-rtx-3090-24gb-gddr6x-rog-strix-oc-ampere-graphics-card-rog-strix-rtx3090-o24g-gaming?_sgm_campaign=scn_8714e1eb7e000&_sgm_source=1121355&_sgm_action=click
  10. How much did you spend if you don't mind my asking. Did you see the link I posted? Also what GPU did you get?
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    They are generally quite risk averse now aren't they after the whole thalidomide incident as they don't want to be sued for killing hundreds of millions.
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